Queen Moss – How women can use sea moss to their advantage

It’s well known that sea moss provides a fabulous array of different nutritional benefits for all, from helping immunity to supporting performance when working out. However, there are some secret solutions to perfect feminine health that will be uncovered in this post. Whilst praising sea moss for its advantages for overall health, there are some key ways in which sea moss can help women to feel healthy. 

Weight a minute

Women are known to have a lower metabolic rate than men, which also plays a role in why it’s more difficult for women to lose weight. Sea moss offers a natural solution to this health concern because it has the potential to boost the body’s metabolism. Seaweeds and microalgae are rich in fibre that can help you feel full and prevent overeating. Carrageenan is one of sea moss’s main bioactive compounds, and due to its gelling ability and the fact that your body can’t digest it, it acts like soluble fibre in your digestive tract.

Not only this, but weight control is heavily dominated by a healthy thyroid gland, which sea moss benefits hugely with its high doses of iodine, allowing you to hit those fitness targets with this daily supplement intake.


Sex and the supplement

Coming back to the way sea moss helps to ensure your thyroid is as healthy and full functioning as possible, it’s important to note that the thyroid also manages a healthy production of hormones, such as oestrogen. The iodine in the sea moss helps your thyroid to maintain a good production level of oestrogen. When you don’t produce enough hormones, like oestrogen, it can limit your libido and leave you with a low sex drive- and it goes without saying sex is one of the healthiest forms of exercise as well as playing an important role in relationships! Sea moss also helps conquer levels of fatigue which can impact durance in your evening exercises.


Baby booster

Did you know sea moss also contains nutrients that offer a more natural aid to fertility issues? Sea moss contains folates and zinc, which are essential for promoting prenatal development and creating the right environment for conception to occur. Something important to note when looking at these baby boosters is that healthy hormone output is vital when trying to conceive successfully – the iodine in the sea moss will take care of that! Your thyroid takes charge in a lot of your reproductive system, which can be a real pain when its not getting the care and nutrients it needs.



Whilst its vital to always remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for those who worry about their skin impacting their self-image and confidence, sea moss can also be used for the face! Doing vigorous amounts of exercise is unavoidably going to make you secrete more sweat which unfortunately can lead to skin problems making their way back into your life. Sea moss can be considered a skin superfood thanks to nutrients such as zinc, magnesium and vitamin E – all of which are known for helping to treat psoriasis, acne and uneven skin texture. This sea plant also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles too so whatever age you’re at, sea moss can make a difference in an all-natural way!

Alternatively, you can also use sea moss gel as part of your haircare routine! When using sea moss gel with hair, the best way to do this is to just put it on your hair and scalp topically and rinse as you would with your usual shampoo and conditioners. The gel is rich in Vitamin A which is vital for healthy hair growth and replenishment, and locks in moisture to your hair fibres ultimately strengthening the condition and leaving you with happier and healthier hair.



Cramp control

Oh yes, sea moss can affect the menstrual cycle. Sea moss helps to reduce the effects of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and helps women suffering from irregular periods to correct and maintain a normal menstrual cycle. The amount of excess oestrogen we consume daily is off the charts, from the foods we consume regularly to some of the cosmetics we use in our beauty regimes, and this is absorbed into the bloodstream, completely throwing off your body’s natural level. One of the biggest factors in PMS is the imbalance of hormones (oh the joys of mood swings), and sea moss helps to balance the hormones by providing essential minerals which the body needs, while also presenting anti-oestrogen effects. These minerals, specifically zinc, folate, iodine, calcium and the B vitamins, are essential to the proper functioning of the female reproductive system. For those who especially struggle to source their calcium from dairy products, this is a perfect alternative- our King Moss sea moss is 100% vegan meaning you get all the calcium and none of the bloating!


Using natural and plant-based serums and remedies may not be for everyone, but it certainly can’t do any harm to give these tips a think about and see where you might find the best way to indulge in our sea moss products. Getting to a good place within yourself is achievement enough, so our products can help to make sure you stay that way or even get you started and help you to be in the best possible form for whatever life throws at you. Check out our wildcrafted premium sea moss products here at: www.kingmoss.co.uk


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