The top 5 ways Sea Moss can secure your immune system for all seasons

With the incline of demand for new health boosters on the market, it should come as no surprise that sea moss is on the rise with more and more people are left wondering if this could be the answer to all their health and wellness needs. Short answer? – No. Getting to that personal perfection of health requires dedication, consistency and an open mind into what can help you achieve a healthy mind, body and soull. This is where we come in! Sea Moss is known to provide a boastful 92 minerals of the 102 that our bodies need to function, whilst remaining 100% organic and vegan. This amazing wonder of the sea is one of the most powerful natural mineral supplements that the earth has to offer, and anything that grows from nature must be healthy right? Here are a few top ways King Moss Premium Sea Moss Gel can support your health journey from whatever starting point you’re at.


A healthy heart is a healthy start

Regardless of your fitness goals, having impeccable heart health should always be paramount, especially when considering doing vigorous exercise that requires a lot of stamina. Sea moss is rich in magnesium, potassium, and other minerals which can help to regulate blood pressure and help to support healthy heart function.

Additionally, sea moss contains anti-inflammatory properties which can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and help to keep you fighting fit for longer. As well as this, the vitamins and nutrients included in sea moss can help to lower bad cholesterol which plays a big part in heart disease, as well as lowering blood pressure which can ultimately result in a number of health defects including a heart attack. 

Sea moss for weight loss

Seaweeds and microalgae are rich in fibre that can help you feel full and prevent overeating. Carrageenan is one of sea moss’s main bioactive compounds, and due to its gelling ability and the fact that your body can’t digest it, it acts like soluble fibre in your digestive tract. This slows digestion by increasing the rate at which food moves through your digestive tract and delaying the rate at which your stomach empties its contents. 

Animal studies suggest that eating algae may reduce body fat accumulation and prevent factors that lead to obesity like insulin resistance and fatty liver build-up. Sea moss may also help to:

  1. lower dietary fat absorption
  2. reduce fat cell creation
  3. break down stored fat
  4. promote fat burning

And as an extra sea moss benefit our King Moss sea moss products are 100% vegan, making it accessible to anyone regardless of their dietary requirements and preferences!

Good for the gut

Speaking of soluble fibres, Sea moss is rich in soluble fibre which is one of the substances that probiotic bacteria in the gut feed on. It can help to improve the function of your digestive tract and promote healthy bacteria growth. It does this by coating your gut in a lining of probiotics. Healthy bacteria feed off the probiotics and increase in number.

Sea moss also works as an anti-inflammatory and can act as a natural soother to an irritated gut. This is especially good if you suffer from disorders such as IBS or a leaky gut.

Thriving thyroid

All seaweeds are rich in iodine, a micronutrient necessary for healthy thyroid function. Without enough iodine, the thyroid may not function properly and could cause metabolic issues as well as cause unexplained weight gain, weight loss, anxiety, thinning hair, vision changes, and more.

Sea moss can be a useful natural supplement if you suffer with an iodine deficiency, however if you’re already taking something for this be wary not to overindulge in iodine as this can have a harmful effect if your body contains too much.

Gel in the gym

Sea moss has been said to aid performance because it contains taurine, an amino acid associated with muscle-building. Its high antioxidant content may also benefit your workout by reducing inflammation and speeding up your recovery time, meaning you can train more often at the same or elevated intensities and reduce the risk of throwing off your fitness regime.

 So whatever your daily routine is, taking sea moss is an easy addition. The minerals found in our organic  sea moss are those that are hardest to put into the body from any other source other than supplements, so this is the perfect and natural solution that’ll get your head, heart and health back on track.



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